We reduce your non-profit's implementation time by 30% so you can focus on fundraising.


Do you successfully attract traffic to your pages yet can’t get visitors to click the donate button? We help charities increase on-page conversion actions.


Need help with campaign creative? We help charities across their full campaign cycle from ideation to execution, optimization and reporting.


Our automation services help charities optimize internal workflow by freeing up resources from repetitive tasks. Reassign people to higher value tasks.


How do you make sense of all the data you collect? When is the best time to send campaign emails, and what are the keywords that trigger donations? These are just a few questions we help answer.


Moving to a mature CRM such as CharityEngine? We provide analysis and implementation of complex migration tasks that virtually eliminate all risks that do-it-yourself migrations pose.


Need better tools to engage with your audience? We help charities move beyond the donation movement and create communities through creatively engaging experiences.

From the marketplace

Drag & Drop

Extend CharityEngine™ with a page builder that greatly simplifies the time required to manage your marketing pages. Includes drag & drop, design blocks, templates and more.

Cash Register

Play a cash register sound when you receive a donation, in real time. Great for radio hosts or for motivating your pledge drive team. Fully customizable.

Hourly Drive

Focus radio pledge drives around hourly goals to keep the excitement and push driving towards your live fundraising effort. Fully configurable for different views.

There’s much more… come see it.

Words from our customers

The work delivered is stellar. We truly appreciate the team at DonorPacks going out of its way to resolve our data strategy and connect CharityEngine with our surrounding back-office systems.

DonorPacks has done an absolutely awesome job understanding our complex landscape, recommending tools and building out attractive presence for our non-profit. We highly recommend them!